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Claim Administration

We are The Experts in CA Contractor’s License Bonds & Commercial Surety

California Contractor's License Bond 

Property Broker Bond

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds 

And More

We handle your surety claims from inception to conclusion. We provide expert oversight of litigated claims (through a surety attorney of your choosing or we can recommend and select qualified surety counsel for you; we can take over claims at any point in the process and/or consult to assist your in-house claim staff.

  • California Contractor's License Bond (CLB)
    With almost 50 years of combined experience handling CLB claims, you will not find any other TPA with the depth of experience we have investigating and resolving this type of bond claim
  • Property Broker Bonds
    AKA: FMCSA Form BMC-84, Freight Broker, Transportation, Trucking, formally referred to as an "ICC" Bond SURETY SOLUTIONS can handle all your Property Broker Bond claims. We can manage communications with the Broker or Agent on the bond if desired and we work with your claim designee to ensure all requirements preceding bond payment are met; giving notice of bond cancellation, public advertisement for claims for 60 days, beginning from the date of publication of the notice to cancel financial security, and process payment of uncontested claims within 30 days after the expiration of such period.
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds (MVD)
    With expert and skilled licensed specialists, SURETY SOLUTIONS can handle your MVD Bond Claims
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