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First party recovery of surety losses


Increase Opportunity - Reduce Net Loss

SURETY SOLUTIONS provide first-party recovery of all surety losses, including unpaid premium, regardless of the type of bond or location of indemnitor(s).


SURETY SOLUTIONS will deliver increased recovery dollars. We know what is at risk and important to indemnitors.  We communicate with knowledge and understanding, pursue every indemnitor, all accounts receive equal attention, and we treat the indemnitors with respect and courtesy ensuring ongoing communications until the debt is paid in full.

ASK about our Recovery & Billing Services for any industry, company or office in need of an Accounts Receivable Department and/or AR assistance.





Full Service 

Surety Solutions

Typical Collection Agency

Added Value/Benefit to you 

We never use low-paid commission only telemarketers with little or no debt collection &/or no surety recovery experience .

Our recovery experts Speak Surety!

We know what is at risk and important to the indemnitor/debtor and communicate with knowledge and understanding

We are as first-party recovery agent replacing the need for recovery staff. we are not a third party collection agency.

We act as a representative of your company.

We protect your reputation.

We save you recovery/subrogation staffing cost 

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